History of Theta Kappa Chapter

          Pi Kappa Alpha began its expansion on the Indiana University Southeast campus in July, 1976, with the arrival of Mr. Edward Pease, the former Director of Alumni Affairs at our Memorial Headquarters. Ed, working on a volunteer basis, began his search for qualified men with a list of involved students provided by the Campus Activities Office. Holding on-one-on and small group sessions, Pease provided prospects with an idea of the fraternity concept as held by Pi Kappa Alpha.

          On September 11, 1976, chapters from Indiana University and the University of Cincinnati came to IUS to officially colonize the group of fourteen men. Assisting with the colonization were the following PIKEs: Charles M. Coffey (IUS Director of University Relations), Norm Hulcher (Pi Kappa Alpha Director of Chapter Services), William Hebard (IUS Dean of Faculty), Jeff Myers (local banker), John Ribar (a PIKE transfer student from Bloomington), and of course Ed Pease.


         Those men taking the first step toward becoming members of Pi Kappa Alpha and forever being known as the Theta Kappa Chapter founders were: William “Bill” Bradley, Aaron Clark, David Coons, Edward Davis, Richard Jackson, Mark Kraus, Bryan Marshall, Jerry Nichols, William Pavey, Thomas Platt, William “Bill” Schroeder, Vernon Sellers, Scott Stewart, and William “Tex” Wells.


          Of the fourteen new members, many had been active on campus and in community functions, the colony could boast of having the varsity basketball team captain, a former student body president, several student senators, an actor, and several honor students. Pease hoped that from this group a strong base could be formed to solidify and expand the challenging objectives that awaited the colony in route to its installation as a chapter. It was with these objectives in mind that the colony headed into its second phase: expansion, learning, and financial security.

          In its second phase, the colony formed By-Laws and began having regular meetings. Although hectic at first, the meetings soon began to lose their rough edges and ideas began to emerge. A new group of eight men were discovered and brought into the colony on October 23, 1976. These men were: Darryl Brooks, Michael Crockett, Phillip Huston, John Lozon, Scott Martin, Michael Timberlake, David Watson, and Craig Whitaker. Thus, the original colonizers began working with these eight members of the first new member class (Alpha Class) in an aura of brotherhood and learning.

          Rapidly, other events unfolded and the colony was on its way. A group traveled to Bloomington, Indiana where they stayed at the Delta Xi Chapter house. During this visit, information was exchanged giving the visitors needed insight on recruitment techniques and new member education. Later on, half of the colony went to the Midwest Regional Conference and returned with insight and information which helped pave the way for the future of Theta Kappa Chapter.  On April 9, 1977, the Theta Kappa Chapter was officially chartered.

"For the establishment of friendship on a firmer and more lasting basis; for the promotion of brotherly love and kind feeling; for the mutual benefit and advancement of the interests of those with whom we sympathize and deem worthy of our regard; We have resolved to form a fraternity, believing that, thus we can most successfully accomplish our object."

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